Ideas for Christmas 2016

We all want to celebrate in a good company of relatives and friends and to have fun on Christmas. First of all, we need to think about how to decorate our apartment or a house for this magic holiday.

Christmas decorating ideas 2016

Usually we don’t want to be limited with only one Christmas tree. For example, warmth and aroma of hospitality will be kept in the memory for a long time if decorative candles with chopsticks of cinnamon, ribbons, and other Christmas attributes are lit in the house. Here you can find more Christmas decorating ideas 2016.

Unusual Christmas ideas

The fairy tale begins... from the windowsill
We need to engrave a Christmas tale according to a pattern from thick paper. The patterns can be drawn on your own, just use your fantasy, or stencils can be printed out. All these things you can find on the Internet. Attach your «fairy tale» to the window or, if it is solid, fix it on the windowsill. Attach foam plastic from the reverse side of the stencil, having made small cuts for fixes. Put behind a garland or light candles. One may also set various Christmas figures and hang flecks of snow.

Flecks of snow  

Cut a fleck of snow from paper, then moisten it slightly and attach to the window. Dry the moisture, which is formed around it with a cloth. Dilute some white toothpaste with water. Pour off liquid with the help of a sprayer on a window. Wait until it dries a little and unstick a fleck of snow.


Thread balls will help to bring in originality into the home interior. Take threads for a knitting of medium thickness of white color and balloons. Add some glue into the disposable plastic glass, having pierced it with a thick needle from two sides. Inflate a balloon. Insert a thread into openings of a glass with the glue and broach it. Plaster the balloon with it, dry it, and then let air out of it.

An unusual Christmas tree

Here is one of our best of unusual Christmas ideas
If you want your Christmas tree to find itself on your festive table, you need to do the following. Cut off a small part from the apple of a medium size and fit it to a plate. With help of a toothpick, connect an apple with carrot – thus the foundation and the shaft are formed. Stick in toothpicks in shape of branches by all the length. Attach slices of favorite fruits on them. The tasty Christmas tree is ready!

Christmas ideas for your mom, dad, girlfriend or boyfriend

If you are going to visit your relatives or friends on Christmas 2016 or you yourself are the host of the Christmas party you need to prepare presents for all in advance. Christmas holiday is especially for family gathering.  

Here are some Christmas ideas for large families and friends

  • Beautiful porcelain figures of angels;
  • Glass balls with depiction of the Bible plots, winter landscapes, Santa Clause, Snowman, birds. Children and adults will like it for sure.
  • The women will like jewelry-box, handmade decorative plates from stained glass, perfumes, jewelry and cosmetics
  • Organic natural soap with aroma of needles, tangerines and various other oils;
  • A photo album made in scrapbooking technique;
  • A set for embroidery or painting for a person who likes needlework or visual art;
  • Men would like to have something connected with their favorite sport: foot-ball, basket-ball, tennis racket, snowboard etc.
  • Children will like to have candies, toys, sports equipment and different modern gadgets.

Get special paper to pack the gifts. It should be bright wrapping paper with a ribbon.
You should also give special attention to the choice of gifts for your husband or boyfriend as well as for your wife or a girlfriend. Here are Christmas ideas for your husband/boyfriend:

  • A beautiful sweater, warm socks, or a cap with a pattern in a form of snowflakes and owls, different ornaments;
  • Slippers for home, a bathrobe;
  • Good perfume;
  • Sports equipment;
  • Tickets for some special sport or music events.

Christmas presents 2016 for your wife/girlfriend

  • Silk handkerchief
  • Jewelry
  • Her favorite perfume
  • Cosmetics
  • Gift certificate for day SPA, yoga class etc
  • Handmade Christmas card

What about your beloved mother? Find here the Christmas ideas for mom:

  • Interior decorative elements
  • An apron
  • Towels
  • Original cans for spices and cereals, handmade plates
  • Photo album 
  • Paintings

Take other brothers and sisters and come to visit your parents on Christmas as a surprise! This will be the best gift for them!
However, you can also give your mom and dad something memorable as a Christmas gift: a good book with a gift inscription as one of Christmas ideas for dad, a jewelry with a personalized engraving will be the best gift for your mom. In addition, you can make a retro film, or an album with happy family photographs and buy your parents a holiday trip to come exotic country.

Christmas ideas for weddings

Some couples would like to have their wedding on Christmas Eve. This will be a great chance to make the wedding as a fairy-tale.
Here you can find some ideas for presents on Christmas weddings:

  • knitted mittens with a wintry ornament;
  • a ginger biscuit;
  • a jar with jam or honey;
  • a tea with cinnamon or ginger;
  • a lovely little Christmas tree in a pot;
  • a bottle of mulled wine;
  • Santa Clause or angels figures.

The best Christmas ideas 2016 are your attention and care! Merry Christmas! and Happy new year!


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