How to make Christmas card for friends and family with one’s own hand

On Christmas, as any other holiday, it is generally accepted to give postcards. It’s especially pleasant when a postcard you give is made with one`s own hands, love, warmth of the loving heart.
The Christmas cards differ a little from a New Year's ones: the same flecks of snow, firs, and snowmen. Actually, you will not see Santa Clause on them but there will be a lot of angels, stars and wreaths.

How to make homemade Christmas cards

One can make several Christmas cards with one’s own hands. The simplest ones which you can do together with children and more difficult which you can make only on your own.
It is very simple to make a Christmas postcard. You can find all you need on the Internet. There are plenty of different techniques for making the postcard as well as a lot of materials that you’ll need.

For the most ordinary Christmas card, you will need the following: thick paper, patterns, scissors, and sequins.
The postcard with a Christmas tree is very unusual and good-looking. It is very simple to make it. Take strips of colored green paper and bend them in a form of an accordion.

Children’s drawings look unusual and are creative if you use them as design for your Christmas cards.

Merry Christmas cards messages

How to write Merry Christmas cards messages? What to write and how to address to the people in Christmas cards?
If this is a close friend and you know the names of his/her family members you can start with: "To John, Sarah, Tim and Tom", for example. If you are not very close with the person or you don’t know all the names you can simply start with: "To John and family".  You can finish your card with “Love/ lots of love, /cheer&hugs”. It depends on your relations with the postcard receiver. If he/she knows only you put only your name below. If he/she knows your husband/wife put his/her name as well.
If you know how his/her other half and children names it will be good to start your message as the following: To John, Sarah, Tim and Tom", for example. If you are not very close or you don’t know the names, start simply with: "To John and family". In the end you can add “Love/ lots of love, /cheer&hugs” depending on the relations with the receiver of the card.

If you know that a person wants something special you can write and wish him/ her this sincerely and with all your heart. It’s always very pleasant to get such a card. Your wishes can also be formal - “just hope you have a wonderful time on Christmas «or “have lovely Christmas and happy New Year” or “All the best”. If you don’t know at all what to write, take the last year's postcards, which you received from different people, look what people wrote and follow the lead.

Christmas cards for boyfriend

As for Christmas cards for boyfriend, you can use animated MMS greeting card “With Christmas”. To get animated MMS pictures Christmas is very pleasant. Moreover, to send in MMS message is free.

Christmas cards for girlfriend

Christmas cards for girlfriends: in addition to all the above-mentioned attributes of winter and Christmas, such cards may contain the image of a woman. Better if it is a good image of your sweetheart made using Photoshop. For example, your girl in the image of an angel.

Personalized Christmas cards

There is a variety of personalized Christmas cards. Nevertheless, the most interesting is, of course, three-dimensional, with raised image, created from buttons attached to the thick paper (for example). Add personality by using cards printed with your unique photo.
Personalized Christmas cards are not only an unusual Christmas gift, but it is also an original decoration of your festive table while celebration of Christmas or the New Year.

Corporate Christmas cards

No SMS message no message in social netwrk or by email will be able to replace Corporate Christmas cards. The postcard has some particular vibe, being the life communication between people.

Of course, you can find the information like “How to make corporate Christmas cards”, but currently postcards with chocolate are very popular thing! Imagine what positive impression such a postcard will give on your colleagues, partners, or customers. Among a large quantity of congratulations with one or another holiday, they will remember the chocolate postcard best of all.

Audience will necessarily evaluate creative approach of your organization to advertising, memorize it, besides, will necessarily share information with colleagues, friends. Of course, advertising is the main sending of a postcard with chocolate. However, such chocolate postcards will be simply irreplaceable at any corporation's celebration. People call such postcards received the name "compliment". And this is a really a pleasant compliment appropriate in any situation.
Presenting or getting a Christmas card, remember: the best gift on Christmas is your attention and care!



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